How I’m becoming a better PM in 2023

After 8 years of leading product at my own company, I joined Shopify as a Senior Product Manager in April 2022. I’ve gotten settled into the company and role, so now it’s time to focus on developing my PM skills.

Here’s my plan for levelling up in 2023:

  1. Meet more PMs
    From my experience, all product managers have a slightly different approach and there is a very wide range of knowledge that they can share. I plan on meeting more PMs within Shopify and in the broader community this year. That includes getting involved in more events where possible!
  2. Focus on the craft
    I have deep expertise in my space, which is great but also risky. It increases the chance of making biased decisions and not fully investigating the problems we’re solving. To improve, I plan to learn about frameworks and tools that can help ensure problems are being considered holistically and solutions are clearly presented.
  3. Share my learnings
    There’s a ton of PM related content, but it’s hard to filter our the noise. One of my goals with PM better is to share helpful knowledge in a simple, actionable way with other PMs. To make this happen I’ve committed to sending one newsletter weekly.

How will you level up in 2023? Let me know in the comments!

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