How white space fuels creative thinking

Have you ever had a shower thought?

I know I have. That’s where I first came up with the idea for Grobo Pods which grew into a multi-million dollar business.

Shower thoughts are a result of white space.

Empty moments in time where your mind can relax and wander. This time is crucial for generating new ideas and connecting seemingly unrelated concepts. Like the fact that cars today can surf the web, but they still can’t tell you why the check engine light is on.

As a PM, you’re constantly bombarded with information and stimuli, so it can be difficult to find the mental space to engage in creative thinking. Allowing yourself time to rest and recharge can help nourish the creative process and lead you to more and better ideas.

Looking for more creativity this week? Go for a 30 minute tech free walk:

• No phone
• No music
• No podcasts
• No articles
• No audiobooks

Just you, your thoughts, and some fresh air.

What ideas did you come up with? Let me know in the comments!

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