5 Reasons to become a Product Manager

Being a PM is awesome. Here are 5 reasons why it might be right for you:

1. Influence and impact

As a product manager, you will have the opportunity to shape the direction and success of a product, and to see the direct impact of your work on customers and the business.

2. Variety and challenge

Product management involves a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, and no two days are likely to be the same. This can make the role challenging, but also very rewarding.

3. Collaboration and teamwork

Product management requires the ability to work closely with cross-functional teams, including engineering, design, marketing, and sales. This can be a great opportunity to learn from and work with experts in different fields.

4. Career growth and advancement

Product management is often a stepping stone to higher levels of leadership within a company, and can be a great way to build a diverse set of skills and experiences.

5. Opportunity to make a difference

By helping to bring innovative and valuable products to market, product managers have the chance to make a positive impact on customers and the world.

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