Why PMBetter is *slightly* embarrassing

The content isn’t incredibly insightful, the blog posts don’t have social sharing, our email list doesn’t have an automatic welcome email, and we’ve posted nothing on social media.

We offer categories focusing on two groups of people (PMs & aspiring PMs) which breaks the cardinal rule of having only one target audience.

The unique niche isn’t totally clear, beside the fact that I want the content to be quick. PMs are busy so you deserve to get value in exchange for your time. That’s why our posts are relatively short… but that breaks all SEO logic and will make it harder for this site to be found.

We do a horrible job of internal and external linking, on top of a laundry list of other problems we haven’t solved… yet.

So why is PMBetter live? (An internal link!)

Product managers often ship too late.

Even a great PM doesn’t always know how to make something perfect. You’ve talked to the customers, you know the direction to go in, but the path isn’t always perfectly clear. That’s where gut, instinct, and creativity all come into play.

But what if you could reduce the upfront research, mitigate risks, and learn quickly?

That’s what an MVP is for.

PMBetter is currently an MVP. It’s the minimum viable blog and acts as a playground where I can improve my writing, research, and critical thinking skills to eventually find the insights and structure that makes this successful and helps other PMs.

Our logo is literally Open Sans Bold. A fancy logo doesn’t create value, good content does.

The best part?

It can’t fail.

Worst case scenario? I get to improve my writing skills. The weekly email cadence means I have to spend time learning and distilling those thoughts into a bite sized format in time for the Sunday email.

Best case scenario? I help one person get one new idea. Anything more is just a bonus.

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